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Keeping up with the new and the increasingly complex nature of Web and Email threats can be a daunting task for IT professionals. Companies require a robust, comprehensive solution that proactively protects their data and mission critical applications from the onslaught of malware which consume IT resources, employee productivity and ultimately a company's bottom line. In this white paper, you will learn:
  • The Top 7 Reasons to Adopt SaaS for Security
  • The 5 Steps to Selecting a SaaS Provider
  • Why SaaS Is the Logical Next Step for Security
Say Go Perimeter and stop throwing money and bandwidth at your security issues - challenge Webroot to demonstrate why security belongs in the cloud!

Why Security SaaS Makes Sense Today, Webroot Software, Inc, Webroot Software, Inc Free White Paper, Adopt SaaS for Security, malware, data and mission critical applications
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Why Security SaaS Makes Sense Today
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