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This white paper will review the core use cases of SharePoint - collaboration and light enterprise content management - while recognizing that some enterprises may be interested in it as a business platform that encompasses other components, such as business intelligence, portal capabilities, and other features. It will highlight some of the key issues with SharePoint such as vendor lock-in, cost, scalability, and lack of ECM sophistication that are leading enterprises to explore alternatives and other ECM vendors. It will also identify the top ten requirements of a viable alternative to SharePoint and demonstrate how Alfresco meets and exceeds those requirements in order to help companies:
  • Escape the burden of Microsoft Client Access Licenses
  • Lower total cost-of-ownership
  • Re-use existing skills
  • Increase scalability
  • Increase collaboration through additional Social Computing

Why Enterprises Need an Open Alternative to SharePoint, Alfresco Software , ECM vendors, Microsoft Client Access Licenses, lock-in, cost, scalability, and lack of ECM sophistication
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Why Enterprises Need an Open Alternative to SharePoint
The resource is available from the link above.
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