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eEye is proud to offer you their "What My CIO Needs to Know about Vulnerability Assessment" white paper that addresses:
  • The basic value of a dedicated vulnerability assessment program within an organization
  • How vulnerability assessment differs from other security measures like firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems.
  • The common myths about being secured
    • Myth: We're protected since we already have a firewall and an intrusion detection system.
    • Myth: Our company isn't a target for attack
    • Myth: We already have a remediation system and process in place, vulnerability assessment seems like a duplication of effort.
    • Myth: Our IT folks can stay on top of vulnerabilities and patch systems as needed.
    • Myth: VA produce too much info
    • Myth: VA technology is too expensive
    • Myth: Protecting against vulnerabilities is an impossible undertaking
    • Myth: We have too many customized applications in our environment
    • Myth: It will take too long to implement and train our personnel to utilize a VA solution

What My CIO Needs to Know about Vulnerability Assessment, eEye Digital Security , eEye Digital Security Free White Paper, secure computing environments
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What My CIO Needs to Know about Vulnerability Assessment
The resource is available from the link above.
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