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Simplifying your network without sacrificing performance or security is a key consideration for any business, especially for your small or medium business. If you're thinking about adding Wi-Fi to your network, it doesn't have to break your budget - you can use an all-in-one Wi-Fi multiservice access router to lower your total cost of ownership!

Learn more about this Wi-Fi network solution that is fast emerging as the frontrunner - ADTRAN's NetVanta 1335. This free Tolly Group report presents you with the facts on this new all-in-one device. The NetVanta 1335 eliminates the need for as many as 6 different devices that might otherwise be hindering your network - the access router, WAP, Layer 2/3 PoE switch, stateful inspection firewall, VPN and DSU/CSU - resulting in visible cost savings for your business!

But hey, why take our word for it? Download this free performance and feature evaluation and see for yourself how the NetVanta 1335 outperforms the competition!

Prepared by The Tolly Group, Sponsored by ADTRAN, Inc.

ADTRAN, Inc, ADTRAN, Inc Feature Evaluation, WAN, LAN & Wireless LAN Performance & Feature Evaluation by the Tolly Group, ADTRAN's NetVanta 1335, small or medium business, security, wi-fi, access router, WAP, Layer 2/3 PoE switch, stateful inspection fi
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