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Does your IT organization reinvent the wheel with every new project? Has your IT infrastructure grown piecemeal into a tangle of poorly integrated, redundant systems?

The best approach to integration is to adopt a standardized data integration platform, define an explicit integration strategy, and implement it using an Integration Competency Center (ICC).

This white paper discusses how an ICC can optimize your IT organization's existing resources and build on past successes to lower maintenance costs, ensure more stable operations, and respond more quickly to changing business conditions.

Download this white paper to learn:
  • Why an unnecessarily complex knot of integrations is currently diverting large portions of your IT budget away from more strategic projects
  • How to address the core causes of the problem
  • How to rationalize and consolidate integration technologies to cut costs and leverage economies of scale
  • How to choose a unified, scalable, standards-based data integration platform and apply it consistently across your IT organization

Informatica, Informatica Free White Paper, Untangle the Knot: Developing a Comprehensive Data Integration Strategy, ICC, IT infrastructure
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