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You can't see it. You can't smell it. But it can be deadly, and may be in your IT organizations' basement, silently killing your company. It's called unplanned work, and CIOs and CISOs are losing jobs because of it.

Unplanned work by definition is any activity in an IT organization that cannot be mapped to an authorized project, procedure, or change request. Any service interruption, failed change, emergency change, or patch or security incident creates unplanned work, which can come as a high expense for any organization.

This paper reveals dangers and provides helpful scenarios and useful information to help you maximize effectiveness in your IT organization, including:
  • Measuring Unplanned Work
  • Quantifying Unplanned Work
  • The Visible Ops Approach to Solving Unplanned Work
  • How Ungoverned Change Effects Unplanned Work
  • Implementing Visible Ops

Tripwire, Inc., Tripwire, Inc.:White Paper, Unplanned Work: The Silent Killer,
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