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Financial services organizations are facing enormous information challenges – especially around finding documentation that already exists in the organization. This informative web seminar will focus on how enterprises can manage their information through a universal search solution. With universal search, an organization can access all of its intranets, file shares, databases, business applications, and content management systems – all through one search box.

Learn about the benefits of universal search for financial services organizations, including:
  • 360° view of the customer - As a financial institution, you have many touchpoints with your customers - at your branch locations, telephone support representatives and online. Instead of creating multiple silos of information, the Google Search Appliance lets you access all your customer information at once, for a true 360° view.
  • Timely Access to Information - As a financial institution, your investment decisions, risk decisions and customer decisions are based on timely, up-to-the-second information to provide a competitive edge. Empowering each employee with the information to make these decisions is a powerful reason why many financial institutions are turning to Google search technology.
  • Manage distributed information - Instead of paying high-priced consulting to integrate global information silos, your users can easily search through all their information easily with the Google Search Appliance.

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