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Citrix partnered with Solarflare to develop a unique unified approach to SR-IOV that delivers unprecedented cut through I/O performance while maintaining full hypervisor-based management. As a result, virtualized servers using Solarflare's 10G Ethernet adapters can benefit from accelerated network performance as well as hypervisor-based services and management capabilities. This means that users can achieve higher I/O performance, scale to consolidate more workloads, and maintain efficient hypervisor-based services and management that makes server virtualization so attractive to users. Discover how Solarflare 10GbE technology enables 5-7x performance improvement while preserving hypervisor services, such as live migration.

Solarflare Communications, Inc, Unified SR-IOV for Citrix XenServer 'Project Boston', virtual server environments, operating system, Virtualization, ethernet, network, Servers
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Solarflare Communications
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