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This free white paper reveals how you can leverage the tech-savvy orientation of the next generation of workers for a tighter, more collaborative business that leverages every available form of communication. More than ever, it's the content of a message that matters—not the way workers get it!

  • Why "Generation Nexters" are actually turning down jobs that prohibit instant messaging
  • How to dramatically improve sales success and customer relations, by putting people back in the center of the process
  • Why, according to an Aberdeen Group study, best-in-class companies are adopting Unified Communications solutions to manage decentralized workforces and respond faster to customer needs
  • How those same companies saw gains of more than 50% in employee responsiveness, flexibility, and access to critical data—and a competitiveness increase of over 300%
Find out how your company can start enjoying enhanced collaboration, streamlined workflow, and better customer satisfaction with far fewer complaints. Download this forward-looking white paper now.

Unified Communications, NEC Unified Solutions, Inc., integrating mobility, conferencing, and messaging, Free White Paper
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