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Employee performance feedback. It's supposed to be the foundation for performance, initiative, motivation, growth, and success. Too often, however, it backfires: producing decreased performance, damaged relationships, and lowered morale. Why?

"Transforming Employee Performance Through Effective Feedback" exposes the 8 most common mistakes leaders, executives, managers, and supervisors make when giving employee performance feedback. It then goes on to reveal:
  • A proven six-step method for producing positive performance.
  • The single most deadly word you can use with an employee.
  • How to collaborate effectively with your employees to see change happen.
  • The secret to keeping your key employees working at maximum productivity.
… and that's just the beginning! If you want to turn your staff into a team of all-star performers, "Transforming Employee Performance Through Effective Feedback" is for you!

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Transforming Employee Performance Through Effective Feedback
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