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This new white paper by Yankee Group discusses how the emergence of enterprise mobility, SOA, virtualization and convergence, the underlying infrastructure that supports corporate applications and services has become much more complex. To accomplish this, IT needs to radically change the way it manages the infrastructure for the following reasons:
  • The introduction of new devices/applications on the network makes the network more complex and the end-user experience becomes increasingly important.
  • Networks are required to be "on-demand".
  • IT departments need to be able to rapidly identify and isolate problems.
  • Existing network and systems management approaches look at the world from the bottom up and are not sufficient.
  • The concept of IT management needs to be shifted to an end-user experience management model that can tie IT to business initiatives.

Prepared by Yankee Group Research, Inc.; Sponsored by @@publisher@@.

Yankee Group Research, Inc., Sponsored by Xangati, Xangati White Paper, Top-Down Management: The Best Way to Manage IT Assets and Business Assets, enterprise mobility, SOA, virtualization and convergence, infrastructure, corporate applications, systems
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Yankee Group Research
The resource is available from the link above.
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