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It's no secret that today's smart businesses are looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency, making the most of the resources they have. In theory, video conferencing has always offered this promise. Video communication has long pledged to greatly enhance conference call effectiveness, even reducing the need for travel when a video chat could take its place.

Unfortunately, video conferencing has fallen short on this promise for a long time. Shaky quality has led to frustration — offering more distraction than enhanced communication. And images have been too fuzzy to satisfy those who use their powers of observation to ascertain how a meeting is going. While High Definition has fixed these problems, it hasn't been accessible to any but those companies with superior infrastructure and large technology budgets.

LifeSize Communications, Inc., LifeSize Communications, Inc.:Report, Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Video Conferencing, Video Conferencing, video communication, conferencing, communication system, communication, travel
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