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There is every reason to believe that history will replay itself during this current financial crisis with a new wave of corporate compliance requirements. Estorian LookingGlass helps companies introduce the orderly processes that they need to moderate and enforce policies across multiple content types.

Estorian LookingGlass combines the power of an email archiving system and eDiscovery tool into one to give companies the foundation they need to comply with today's and tomorrow's legal requirements. Available in a software as a service model, organizations can deploy LookingGlass immediately and still have the ability to scale the software as business demands dictate.

Published by: DCIG, LLC.
Presented by: Estorian

Today's Financial Crisis and the Impact on Corporate Compliance, Estorian , Estorian Free White Paper, Estorian LookingGlass, email archiving system and eDiscovery tool
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Today's Financial Crisis and the Impact on Corporate Compliance
The resource is available from the link above.
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