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One key area where operational efficiencies can be achieved is in the storage infrastructure. Traditional storage systems are inherently inefficient, with multiple arrays of dedicated storage and various management points. Thin provisioning is now recognized in the industry as a critical approach to simplifying storage management while drastically improving capacity utilization. Additionally, the ability to defer system and capacity purchases results in less frequent and higher utility capital expenditures.

Download this complimentary white paper to learn how thin provisioning can help you:
  • Increase utilization rates - Several applications can draw upon a single pool of physical capacity
  • Ease provisioning and management - New volumes no longer require large amounts of physical space at inception
  • Lower capital expenditures, as incremental system capacity is added to the general storage pool as needed, but without being tied to a single host.
Download this informative white paper now!

Thin Provisioning: The Secret to Achieving Operational Efficiency in the Data Center, Pillar Data Systems, Pillar Data Systems Complimentary White Paper, storage management, storage infrastructure
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Thin Provisioning: The Secret to Achieving Operational Efficiency in the Data Center
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