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A no-nonsense look at transitioning from Excel budgeting to packaged applications. This white paper, authored by BPM Partners, a leading independent authority on Business Performance Management, does the research for you. It proposes a road map to help start the transition from a spreadsheet platform to an enterprise packaged application delivering:
  • Greater accuracy
  • Stronger reporting
  • Easier audit support
  • Collaboration and accountability
This is a must-read for any finance professional who is frustrated with spreadsheets for budgeting and wants guidance on their transition to a budgeting solution that delivers more control, accountability and accuracy.

Centage, Centage White Paper, Budget Maestro, The Transition from Spreadsheet Budgets to a Packaged Application: A Practical Guide for Small to Mid-sized Businesses, Spreadsheet, Excel budgeting, Business Performance Management, spreadsheet platform , bud
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