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This spectrum was allocated by the FCC in March 2007, expressly for rural wireless broadband (though it may be deployed in non-rural markets). This means the FCC is not allowing any consumer devices such as cordless phones, garage door openers, etc. to operate in this band, which will contribute to a less "noisy" environment. This provides an excellent opportunity for U.S. wireless broadband operators. However, unlike the historic UNII and ISM license-exempt bands that are regulated under Part 15 of the FCC rules, the "3650 band" is regulated under the Part 90 rules.

There are a few unique requirements for this band. An operator should understand these aspects of 3650 prior to applying for a license. Request this white paper to learn more.

The Step-by-Step Guide for Securing a 3.65 GHz Nationwide License, Alvarion, Alvarion White Paper, 3650-3700 MHz , Part 15 of the FCC rules
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The Step-by-Step Guide for Securing a 3.65 GHz Nationwide License
The resource is available from the link above.
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