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While 58% of the survey respondents use Facebook to communicate with customers, more than one in five (21%) say they are not using any digital channels to interact with their target audience. The percentage is even higher among hard-line retailers—e.g., appliances, electronics, or furniture (26%) and grocery stores (29%). In addition, 23% of the respondents monitor social media sites but don’t actively participate on them.

Although a growing number of retailers are sold on the potential benefits of social media, it’s clear that many remain wary about how much they should be leveraging them to connect with their customers. These reservations are fairly consistent among hard-line, soft-line (e.g., apparel) and grocery retailers. Regionally, North American retailers are ahead of the curve in social media adoption; for example, 68% of North American respondents are using Facebook to communicate with customers, compared with 56% in Asia-Pacific, 55% in Latin America and 53% in Western Europe.

SAP, SAP:Report, The Social Shopper Harnessing the Disruptive Influence of Social Media, social media, retailer, social IT, facebook, customer, grocery stores, Consumer, it executives, leveraged IT
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