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PRIDE, ENVY, WRATH, SLOTH, AVARICE, GLUTTONY, LUST. . .the Seven Deadly Sins. To network managers it no doubt seems fitting to match up afflictions like worms and viruses, careless users, spam and the like with an entry from this list of bad habits first compiled by a sixth-century pope.
  1. Pride: Where Are Your Security Blindspots?
  2. Envy: Sewing Up Security Holes
  3. Wrath: Those Cursed Worms and Viruses
  4. Sloth: Keeping Up with Lazy Users
  5. Avarice: Dealing with Intellectual Property Theft
  6. Gluttony: Users and Applications That Eat Up Links
  7. Lust: Rogue Applications That Burn Up Bandwidth

Network Physics, Free Network Physics White Paper, Network Physics Technical Document , The Seven Deadly Network Security Sins: A How-to Guide for Protection
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Network Physics
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