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The concept of spending money to make money, often referred to as "investing" outside of the technology industry, is something just about every marketing campaign promises, but few deliver. The ROI calculations to prove how quickly an investment will reap return often come with a lot of conditions. For instance, it's only valid on Tuesdays, under a full moon, and when applied to a specific version of software deployed on a (now) obsolete piece of hardware.

But solutions that provide a quick ROI along with significant technological benefits do exist. The trick is finding these solutions and proving that the ROI model is valid for almost every case.

It's not magic. It's simple math. This white paper won't show you how to determine if there is a compelling ROI case for Application Delivery Controllers, but how to determine how much of a compelling case there really is.

F5 Networks, F5 Networks:White Paper, The ROI of Application Delivery Controllers in Traditional and Virtualized Environments, application delivery, Application Delivery Controllers
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F5 Networks
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