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In November 2006, Microsoft made its new version of the Microsoft Office system, including the popular suite of applications that includes Microsoft Office Excel®, Word, Outlook®, and PowerPoint®, available to the public. This release represents the most significant change to the company's Microsoft Office productivity package. Changes include the new Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, improved integration of desktop tools, and the introduction of a host of Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007–based collaboration and enterprise content management server capabilities. While the Office Fluent user interface promises significant benefits to the end user, the changes that have been made to the user interface raised questions among IT managers evaluating or planning Microsoft Office migrations, which included:
  • What kind of benefits can I expect end users within my organization to receive?
  • What impact will the Office Fluent user interface have on the productivity of end users?
  • What IT help desk and training support capabilities do I need to have to support the Office Fluent user interface?
Microsoft commissioned this study to provide answers to these questions, and to help IT organizations considering the 2007 Microsoft Office system adoptions anticipate the impact that the Office Fluent user interface may have on their end users.

Published by Forrester Research, Inc.

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