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The Investment Rate is the most accurate leading longer term stock market and economic indicator ever developed. By registering, you will receive the most recent update by email, so you can evaluate The Investment Rate today. The Investment Rate, which has already been featured in Barron's, Reuters, and CNBC, has predicted all major market cycles since 1900 in advance. Find out what it says about the immediate future. Periodic updates are available through Stock Traders Daily.

In addition, Stock Traders Daily offers six correlated proactive market strategies, which have both stood the test of time, and produced impressive results even in the tumultuous market of recent past. These can help you make money regardless of economic conditions, market direction, and without sacrificing time or lifestyle. They focus on risk control, because defense wins championships, but the performance is second to none. Access these strategies at any time. When combined with The Investment Rate, their strategies set everyone on the path to success.

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