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Beyond the well-understood productivity drain that spam inflicts on businesses, threats posed by illicit email circulating through a network are causing many security professionals to rethink protective measures. Spam is more than a nuisance—it is often a vehicle for hackers and fraudsters to bridge network defenses and release dangerous payloads inside the network. Enterprise-scale organizations often protect themselves against illicit email intrusions with elaborate gateways, using expensive and complex screening techniques. Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) however, sometimes leave themselves open to risks, largely because they lack the resources to implement countermeasures. Mail gateways scaled to the needs of smaller businesses offer a means to combat spam, mitigate security risks, and restore productivity to companies grappling with an influx of illicit email.

The Hidden Dangers of Spam: How SMBs can confront security risks and restore productivity, Astaro Corporation, spam, mitigate security risks, Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), hackers and fraudsters, illicit email, Enterprise-scale organizations
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The Hidden Dangers of Spam: How SMBs can confront security risks and restore productivity
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