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A common issue facing Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) manufacturers is how to increase revenue and grow their business without significantly adding staff. If you're looking for the answers to any of these questions:
  • How can I develop and produce my products faster while maintaining quality standards?
  • What are the business practices that will enable me to run my business as efficiently as possible?
  • What percentage of my staff is directly contributing to product development, manufacturing, services delivery, or other value-added activities?
  • How can I minimize non-value-added functions?
  • What are the metrics I should be using to measure my businesses performance? How can I increase the rate of new product introductions?
  • Do I know the costs and profits related to each of my products?
...then you should read this SMB Manufacturing White Paper.

The Five Strategies Used by Successful Small Midsized Manufacturers, Infor, Infor Free White Paper, SMB Manufacturing Guide
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The Five Strategies Used by Successful Small Midsized Manufacturers
The resource is available from the link above.
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