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Server virtualization adoption continues at an almost fever pace. The primary reason is it works as advertised and solves genuine problems that data centers face today. Problems like underutilization of server resources, difficulty in protecting servers and almost insurmountable challenges with server availability and disaster recovery are all made easier with server virtualization. Missing from this list, though, is storage management; unfortunately, an area that administrators indicate gets worse with virtualization, not better. The complexity of VMware storage management is possibly the largest inhibitor to a broader server virtualization rollout. Simplifying it is a top priority for IT managers.

Read this FREE Analyst Report and learn how to reduce the complexity involved with managing your VMware storage environment.

Isilon Systems, Inc., The Complexity of VMware Storage Management, Data Centers, server virtualization, it managers, Virtualization, Storage, Servers, Data Center, scale-out storage, Disaster Recovery
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