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Download this complimentary white paper to learn more about the ways that clustered storage architectures are changing the rules of how data is stored and accessed. This paper examines the trends that clearly define clustered storage architectures as the future of data storage, details the requirements of this new category of storage, and introduces the Isilon® IQ clustered storage solution. You'll learn why clustered storage is driving these key business benefits:
  • Reduces storage costs: Costs 40-60% less than traditional storage solutions to own and operate
  • Increases workflow productivity: Get up to 5x more work done with existing staff and resources
  • Increases IT operating leverage: Manage 10x more storage with existing IT staff
  • Unlocks new revenues: Create and distribute more products—faster
Download this paper now and learn how you can benefit from the clustered storage revolution.

Isilon Systems, Inc., Isilon Systems, Inc.:White Paper, The Clustered Storage Revolution, clustered storage, clustering, Storage, data storage, IT operating leverage
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Isilon Systems
The resource is available from the link above.
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