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In this free white paper, learn how to make sound trading decisions based on a clear vision of the changes now affecting the US market trading environment. Discover:
  • How market factors are creating a fundamental paradigm shift, blurring the line between buyside and sellside
  • The three key factors changing the relationship between trading sides, and how to make sure you've got them on your side
  • Why the average execution has plummeted to around 400 shares—and how to make small trades work for you
  • The three evolutionary phases trading is about to go through—and how you can not only survive, but prosper in the face of change
A fundamental shift in trading markets has already begun. It could be an unprecedented opportunity—but only if you truly understand how to take advantage. This free white paper is your first step. Download it now.

The Buyside and the Three-Phase Evolution of Electronic Trading, Advent Software, Inc., asset management, Advent Software, Inc. White Paper
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The Buyside and the Three-Phase Evolution of Electronic Trading
The resource is available from the link above.
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