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So you've come to the point, as it is with many organizations, where you realize you have a problem managing content on your various Web properties. You know that investing in a Content Management System (CMS) reduces costs and helps overcome potential barriers to all your Web communications, however, choosing a CMS can still be perplexing, especially since there are a large number of options available.

This white paper will act as a guide for making the case, justifying the cost and choosing the right CMS for your organization and will:
  • Examine the business case for deploying a content management system
  • Set expectations and give some best practices for choosing the right CMS
  • Review the high-level results of what a successful implementation should look like and how to quantify the ROI

The Business Case for a Web Content Management System, CrownPeak, CrownPeak Free White Paper, Content Management System (CMS)
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The Business Case for a Web Content Management System
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