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This brand new exclusive eBook details the seven pain points often encountered by IT security professionals and gives advice on how to solve them. It is a must read for any IT Professional dealing with internal and external attacks and those wanting to learn more about a security product that can detect vulnerabilities and threats; therefore, protecting enterprise resources, network assets, web sites, and applications. In this excusive eBook you will find such valuable information such as how to:
  • Prevent the loss of protected information
  • Resolve network weaknesses
  • Resist system exploitation through vulnerable network ports
  • Protect against harmful spyware attacks
  • Defend against unwanted intruders

The 7 Things that IT Security Professionals MUST KNOW!, eEye Digital Security, eEye Digital Security Free eBook, IT security professionals, internal and external attacks, Prevent the loss of protected information, harmful spyware attacks, Resolve networ
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The 7 Things that IT Security Professionals MUST KNOW!
The resource is available from the link above.
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