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Aberdeen's most recent survey of over 1,400 manufacturers showed three dominant business drivers for the top pressures impacting ERP implementation strategies. Read the full report to find out how your company compares. This report aims to serve as a roadmap to those in the manufacturing industry who desire to reduce costs, improve accuracy of inventory and schedules and develop customer responsiveness through successful ERP implementations.

In this report find out:
  • Why Best-in-Class manufacturers selected 3 main areas as a primary focus for next year and what are these 3 steps to success?
  • What are the Best-in-Class Manufacturing Key Metrics?
  • How 5 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Manufacturing Operations can impact an ERP Implementation success?
Prepared by Aberdeen Group; Sponsored by @@publisher@@.

Infor, Infor White Paper, The 2007 ERP in Manufacturing Benchmark Report, Aberdeen's assessment of a 'Best in Class' Manufacturer, 2007 ERP in Manufacturing Benchmark Report, ERP implementation strategies, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Manufacturin
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