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As companies search for ways to get the maximum value out of their existing operating assets, Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS/EAM) software packages are key. However, when it comes to researching, selecting and implementing the right tool, some of the same mistakes have been made for decades and some new ones have emerged. In this white paper, expert David Berger reviewed 10 core mistakes that companies should avoid – when selecting an EAM application to improve operational, financial and environmental performance of their property, plant, and equipment. Use this white paper as an actionable review of key considerations when determining the right EAM/CMMS solution for your company. This white paper was written by Western Management Consultants.

Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting a CMMS/EAM, Infor, Infor Complimentary White Paper, Western Management Consultants, Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS/EAM) software packages
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Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Selecting a CMMS/EAM
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