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The wireless LAN (WLAN) market has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The proliferation of laptops with embedded Wi-Fi, the rising demands of business users on-the-go and the promise of WiMAX has caused WLAN adoption to spread like wildfire. According to the Yankee Group 2006 Transatlantic Wireless Business Survey:
  • Approximately 18% of businesses in the United States are piloting WLAN technology
  • Another 31% plan to deploy WLAN in the next 2 years
  • European WLAN adoption is even more rapid
Despite the growth and success of mobility with WLAN, businesses face a difficult issue: creating a cost model for WLAN equipment. Nowadays, TCO and ROI models are required before considering technology purchases or upgrades. As a result, cost plays an important factor in vendor selection.

Trapeze Networks, Trapeze Networks Anaylyst Report, TCO Leader for Business Wireless LAN Deployment - a Yankee Group Report, WLAN, Aruba Networks, Cisco Systems and Trapeze Networks, small, mid-sized and large enterprise deployments, wireless LAN, embedd
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