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Insurance carriers realize that reducing operating expenses while simultaneously building stronger customer relationships is crucial to their success. Given these challenges, insurance companies must determine how to increase profitability by improving the efficiency of operational processes and the effectiveness of customer interactions. Perhaps the most dramatic intersection of these two challenges occurs in the customer contact center.

As one of the largest points of interaction between a carrier and its policyholders or independent agents, carriers have found that central to their success will be the deployment of a new generation of contact center technologies, such as the Infor CRM Epiphany Contact Center solution which enables carriers to automate highly efficient contact centers, improve CSR efficiency, and reduce overall cost of system ownership.

Streamlining the Insurance Contact Center Efficiency, Effectiveness and Customer Loyalty, Info, Infor Complimentary White Paper, Insurance carriers, CSR efficiency, Infor CRM Epiphany Contact Center solution
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Streamlining the Insurance Contact Center Efficiency
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