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The tremendous growth and complexity of business-generated data is driving the demand for cost-effective storage solutions and the tools to manage this data efficiently. Applications like email, web services, and data warehousing, as well as data types like email attachments and rich media are driving the creation and storage of massive amounts of information. IT organizations have come to realize that providing fast and reliable access to this data is a top priority. Yet, IT budgets and staff have flattened and even declined in many cases. This convergence of events is leading to a growing gap in the productivity required to effectively manage today's storage environments. Learn about the following recommended strategies:

  • Foundational storage consolidation
  • Device level management
  • SAN fabric management
  • Virtualization
  • Storage resource management
  • Automated resource management

Datalink, Free Datalink White Paper Download, Technical Document, Storage Management: How to Simplify, Centralize and Optimize Your Environment, san
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