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VAN technology was introduced to help companies better manage their supply chain through electronic exchanges of documents such as purchase orders, advance ship notices and invoices. It's important you consider more than just price when approached by a new VAN provider. You need to look beyond hard costs to determine if the vendor provides transaction management capabilities to reduce errors, accelerate cycle times and improve cash flow.

Discover the key criteria that businesses should consider when selecting a VAN:
  • Customer Support & Responsiveness
  • Vendor Technical Support & Capabilities
  • Ease of Migration
  • Lower Overall Prices
With today's pressure to deliver results, you want to be sure you are using the VAN that is the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective. This how-to-guide has been designed to help you evaluate a VAN provider and determine the real value of the offer.

Liaison Technologies, Inc., STAY OR SWITCH? A How-To-Guide to Selecting a New VAN, technical support
Offered by
Liaison Technologies
The resource is available from the link above.
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