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The demand for online analytics has expanded far beyond the clickstream data to encompass activities like gaming, social networking and mobile commerce. As a result, Software Developers and Database Architects are faced with the challenge of managing a greater volume and more diverse array of their company's information than ever before. This Bloor Research white paper discusses:
  • Different use cases with needs to analyze web-based information
  • Technical considerations for loading and analyzing web data
  • How open source solutions from Infobright and Talend enable fast integration and analysis of multiple sources of web and mobile data

Bloor Research White Paper: Loading and Analyzing Web Data, Infobright, Infobright Complimentary White Paper, gaming, social networking, mobile commerce, open source solutions from Infobright and Talend, open source solutions, Infobright, Talend, mobile d
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Bloor Research White Paper: Loading and Analyzing Web Data
The resource is available from the link above.
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