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Your data center is ground zero of your business infrastructure – make it a competitive differentiator! Decreasing bottom line costs, improving network performance, investing in leading edge technologies and maximizing infrastructure resources all support the core objectives of your CIO. While these promises sound easy to achieve, the reality is that a truly optimized data center is a complex and sometimes daunting undertaking.

Learn how to:
  • Reduce cost and save time using virtual chassis technology
  • Simplify your data center network with scalable platforms that collapse layers and tiers
  • Virtualize security for a comprehensive defense system
  • Reduce complexity with a single operating platform (JUNOS®) and standards-based interfaces that create single-point management
Download this informative guide now!

Simplify the Complexity of your Data Center, Juniper Networks, Juniper Networks Complimentary Guide, single operating platform (JUNOS®), optimized data center, Data Center Survival Guide
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Simplify the Complexity of your Data Center
The resource is available from the link above.
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