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Many organizations initially underestimate the time, effort and expertise required to successfully roll out eLearning locally or globally. This can lead to ineffective training, wasted dollars and disgruntled employees. Content as a Service (CaaS) solves these problems by removing the need for organizations to manage the technology, infrastructure and administration, allowing them instead to focus on the effectiveness of the eLearning itself. Learn how CaaS enables:
  • Reduced administration and infrastructure costs, with improved end-user experiences
  • Scalability without needing to add headcount or develop internal expertise
  • Ability to purchase multiple titles from multiple vendors all through one contract
Download Plateau's white paper, The Benefits of Content as a Service: Smarter SaaS, to learn how the strategic components of CaaS enable organizations to free themselves from the burden of content management and delivery and instead invest that time and effort into training their employees.

Plateau Systems, Plateau Systems:White Paper, Shed the Burden of Content Management with Content as a Service, Elearning, Training
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