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Through participation in Oracle's Optimized Warehouse Initiative (OWI), SGI® works to ensure that its Adaptive Data Warehouse Solutions deliver exceptional performance and adaptability.

Within its Adaptive Data Warehouse portfolio, SGI® offers standards-based reference configurations– configurations that are based on OWI preeminent practices and designed to help ensure exceptional, scalable warehouse performance. SGI® Adaptive Data Warehouse solutions, based on Intel® Itanium® processors, support from 5TB to 320TB of data with optimal performance. Users are able to execute highly complex, ad-hoc queries on massive amounts of data, resulting in more effectively managed business and more informed business decisions.

Brought to You in Partnership by: SGI® and Intel

SGI Adaptive Data Warehouse: Building a High-End Oracle Data Warehouse Using Industry-Standard Technologies, SGI, SGI White Paper, Optimized Warehouse Initiative (OWI), Adaptive Data Warehouse Solutions
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SGI Adaptive Data Warehouse: Building a High-End Oracle Data Warehouse Using Industry-Standard Technologies
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