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Agent occupancy is a service desk metric that measures the percentage of logged in time that an agent is actually delivering customer service. Let’s say, for example, that an agent is logged into the service desk ACD for six hours a day, and is in talk, hold, or wrap mode for four of those six hours. In this case, agent occupancy would be calculated as 4 hours ÷ 6 hours = 66.7% agent occupancy. Likewise, let’s say that an agent is logged into the ticketing system for seven hours a day, and is responding to customer tickets that are emailed to the service desk for five of those seven hours. The calculation for agent occupancy in this case would be 5 hours ÷ 7 hours = 71.4% agent occupancy.

Agent occupancy is oftentimes confused with agent utilization. Although the numerator is the same for both metrics, the denominator is different. The denominator for occupancy, as explained above, is the total time that a voice, email, or chat agent is logged into the system. By contrast, the denominator for agent utilization is the total time that a voice, email, or chat agent is at work, including the time that the agent is logged into the system.

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