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With vital business information spread across your company, at different locations, in various databases and data warehouses and now potentially in big data platforms like Hadoop, there is no easy way to manage all of this infrastructure let alone get value out of the data that resides in these systems. Instead managers and analysts are faced with new and complex interfaces to data platforms, multiple third-party APIs, high-priced analytic frameworks and silos of point products that each require a small army of tech-savvy data specialists to operate. But there is an alternative to the build-it-yourself big data trend of the last 12 months. Managed big data services are emerging that are easy to consume and provide a much quicker path to value than rolling out your own.

Key topics of discussion:
  • Drivers for doing big data as a service
    • Shortage of expertise; Open Source Software (OSS) products are complex and immature, faster time to value
  • Understanding the ecosystem of big data cloud services and big data managed services
    • Infochimps, AWS EMR, SnapLogic, Oversight Systems
  • When does the cloud model make sense for big data?
    • Understanding “Total Cost of Ownership” or “Total Business Value” becomes key
  • Risks, challenges
    • Security of intellectual property, transport of data into cloud

Infochimps, Inc., Selling Your Big Data Initiative to Your C-Suite, cloud services, it infrastructure, it managers, it trends, it system
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