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Laptop data theft is not a question of "if" in today's climate. It is a question of "when and how bad". Proper Risk Management and investing in the right technologies and available solutions is an obvious place to start to alleviate the problems faced by most companies.

The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac® was designed with stealthiness in mind, and offers maximum protection while being invisible to that unauthorized user, making it virtually impossible to detect or defeat. The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac® is compatible with current Windows® XP and Vista platforms for home and business PC's, laptop and tablet computers.

This comprehensive product overview will examine the benefits of the CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac® including:
  • Product Offering
  • Services for Corporate Clients
  • Enterprise Database Management System
  • Software Licensing
  • Technical Specifications
  • Product Specifications
  • General Security
  • Basic Operation
  • Product Implementation
  • Stolen Computer Procedures

Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0, Real-Time Security, Tracking, CyberAngel Security Solutions, Inc., CyberAngel Security Solutions Free Product Overview, CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac®, Enterprise Database Management System, Stolen Compu
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Security Solutions: The CyberAngel® with Wi-Trac 4.0
The resource is available from the link above.
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