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Companies are embracing wireless technologies to increase productivity, provide more flexible work arrangements for their employees, and work more closely with their business partners. However, the complexity of wireless local area network (WLAN) infrastructure, along with multiple managed devices and unmanaged end-point devices and computing platforms, create significant security issues. The one security architecture that addresses all these issues is Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Networks (SSL VPNs). By taking advantage of installed browsers and the associated SSL security layer, companies can not only provide access through computers that have no VPN client software installed, but can also provide additional communications flexibility for systems with dynamically-installed software. Read "Secure Wireless Networking Using SSL VPNs" to learn how Aventail Smart SSL VPNs deliver a means of protecting every node, whether internal or external to the enterprise, providing an inverted security model that does not depend on a hardened perimeter.

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