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As every IT administrator knows, managing employees' desktops and laptops can require a large investment in time and possibly even travel. Having a clear view of your WAN and the ability to proactively manage your network with NTRadmin saves time, reduces costs, increases security, decreases downtime and allows IT departments to be more productive.

The NTRadmin remote support and task automating features have allowed Satech Roldan to streamline support and move toward expansion to Macintosh and Linux environments.

With NTRadmin you have the ability to diagnosis and resolve technical issues from one location to all of your workstations, servers, laptops and other network connected devices regardless of where they are as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Connect to your IT assets via remote control and automate regular support tasks with NTRadmin Bots freeing up valuable time to concentrate on more strategic issues.

With NTRadmin Bots; Think it, Script it, Automate IT™.

Download this case study to read about how Satech Rodlan solved this complex issue with NTRadmin from NTRglobal.

Satech Rodlan Upgrades its IT Services with NTRadmin to Support an Increasingly Mobile Client Base, NTR Global, network connected devices, NTR Global Free Case Study
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Satech Rodlan Upgrades its IT Services with NTRadmin to Support an Increasingly Mobile Client Base
The resource is available from the link above.
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