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In a tight economy, IT managers are faced with more challenges than ever. Budgets are shrinking, Web and email threats are increasing, and administrators are tasked with providing more support with fewer people. As organizations rethink how they manage critical functions like Web and email security, industry experts are recommending the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

This informative paper discusses how the Software-as-a-Service model can help you stay ahead of Web and email threats without breaking the bank on infrastructure and management by:
  • Improving Web and Email Security in Tough Times
  • Learning How SaaS Marks the Next Step in the Journey
  • Getting the Most from SaaS
Published by: Computerworld eBriefings

SaaS Secures in Uncertain Times, Webroot Software, Inc, Webroot Software, Inc Free White Paper, Web, Email Security, Saas
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SaaS Secures in Uncertain Times
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