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% Resolved Level 1 Capable is typically tracked when a desktop support technician closes out a ticket. If the judgment of the technician is that the ticket could have been resolved by the service desk, they will check a box on the ticket indicating that the ticket was resolvable at Level 1. This method requires periodic audits to ensure that desktop support technicians are accurately reporting tickets that could have been resolved by the service desk. An audit can be performed by reviewing a representative sampling of tickets each month to determine if the tickets designated resolvable at level 1 could, in fact, have been resolved by the service desk. Likewise, tickets not designated as resolvable at level 1 are sampled to determine if tickets are routinely being missed that should have been designated as resolvable at level 1.

Resolved Level 1 Capable, Desktop Support, Service Desk, Desktop Support KPIs, Service Desk KPIs
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Jeff Rumburg | MetricNet
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