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As a result of growing environmental sensitivity, businesses are feeling pressure from activists, consumers and government at all levels to make their operations more eco-friendly, and marketing departments are doing their best to cash in on this situation. "Greenwashing" – the practice of hyping eco-friendly product features that are dubious at best – has become commonplace.

Two of the biggest business targets for greenwashing are Facilities Management and IT, in part because these two departments often need to work together to comply with energy conservation mandates. And greenwashing is not a small problem. In fact, 32 percent of the attendees at an April 2007 tradeshow sponsored by Today's Facilities Manager cited "separating fact from fiction – what's greenwash and what's not?" as their biggest problem in dealing with environmental issues.

This paper will examine the ways in which Power Save helps companies meet their environmental objectives, focusing on three areas:
  • How Power Save reduces energy consumption associated with IT departments in new ways that extend beyond the data center
  • How Power Save's design features address the practical concerns of IT departments, such as preserving maintenance windows
  • How organizations can benefit financially from a Power Save implementation through collaborative approaches to funding

Reducing Desktop Power Consumption: How IT and Facilities Can Both Win, Faronics, Free White Paper, Greenwashing
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Reducing Desktop Power Consumption: How IT and Facilities Can Both Win
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