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Optimizing planning and minimizing disruption are keys to the success of any infrastructure change project. Whether you are managing visualization, voice/data convergence, a data center migration, planning disaster recovery, or new application rollouts, you need to know what is happening on your network, what is typical, and who or what could be affected by the change.

Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) systems provide the continuous global visibility you need at every stage of the infrastructure change process to optimize planning, minimize disruption during deployment, maximize availability on an ongoing basis, and quickly troubleshoot issues. The Mazu NBA system offers the following five opportunities throughout the process to optimize and accelerate infrastructure change:
  1. Better understand your pre-change environment
  2. Real-time and historical information for better planning
  3. Minimize deployment disruption
  4. Accelerate problem identification and resolution
  5. Improve support capabilities and reporting metrics

Mazu Networks, Mazu Networks White Paper, Reduce the Headache of Infrastructure Change in Five Steps, Network Behavior Analysis, infrastructure, visualization, voice/data convergence, data center migration, planning disaster recovery, new application roll
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