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Total Cost of Ownership is a very useful tool for analyzing the direct and indirect costs of owning and using a network device. When looking for a model, you need to take into account the big picture of an equipment purchase and include factors such as capital costs, technical support costs, administrative costs, and cost of downtime. The result you can achieve is an accurate representation of how an integrated switch-router, with firewall, DSU/CSU, VPN and dial-backup can save costs over the lifecycle of the product. This paper:
  • Illustrates cost savings up to $1,500 per device
  • Explains benefits of a fully integrated LAN/WAN connectivity
  • Explores direct and indirect costs, including acquisition, deployment, operation, training and support over 5-year timeframe
  • Provides a comparison of traditional networks vs. integrated networks

Adtran, Free Adtran White Paper Download, Technical Document, Reduce Network TCO with Value-Driven Integrated Networks, multi-function network, LAN, WAN
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