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Jim Metzler discusses the mean time to repair (MTTR) associated with application delivery is notably longer than the MTTR that is associated with fault management. This extended MTTR impacts business in a number of ways, including reduced revenue, lowered productivity, and lowered perceived value of the IT organization.

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  • The networking group's new role in ensuring effective application delivery
  • The reasons why it is so difficult to identify a degrading application and the source of the degradation
  • How to improve the MTTR for application performance issues
  • The importance of profiling the behavior for every IP endpoint and every application
  • The key elements to a Rapid Problem Identification solution

Xangati, Xangati White Paper, Rapid Problem Identification: A Cornerstone of Effective Application Delivery, net ops, mean time to repair, MTTR, Jim Metzler, application delivery, Rapid Problem Identification
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