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"Secure Wireless Networking Solution Ensured HIPAA Compliance & High Bandwidth" When it comes to patients' medical records, security is not only essential, it's the law. And for Exempla Healthcare, the Colorado based operator of major hospitals in Denver, Wheat Ridge, and Lafayette (as well as local clinics and diagnostic facilities), maintaining reliable data security was critical.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) places the responsibility of patient data protection to the health care providers. Exempla Healthcare needed to transmit data between buildings; this includes large medical imaging files as well as, backups. There are multiple buildings situated so that they could not be easily wired and one of the buildings was leased so a permanent investment in infrastructure didn't make sense. A secure, high bandwidth wireless networking solution from Canon's Canobeam DT-120 optical wireless data transmission system was the answer.

Canon USA, Free Canon USA Case Study, Canobeam Provides the Right Prescription for Exempla Healthcare, wireless data transmission, data security
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